What is a lease odometer statement and where can I get one?

An odometer disclosure statement is a federally required form used to verify a leased vehicle’s mileage at the end of the term. This is typically needed when you return, purchase, or trade a leased vehicle.

  • For ease of access, you can download our odometer statement using the following link: Odometer disclosure statement (leased vehicle).
  • You can also find the form on our Lease Servicing page. Scroll down to the “Prepare for the end of your auto lease” section, then select Download the odometer statement.

When you’ve completed the form, return it to us by fax or mail.

Fax: 716-616-5764

Mail: U.S. Bank
PO Box 068
Buffalo, NY 14240-0068

View our End of lease brochure to learn more about normal wear and tear usage, what options you have, and how to return the leased vehicle.