What is mobile check deposit and how does it work?

Mobile check deposit is an exclusive feature in the U.S. Bank Mobile App that uses the camera on your phone to deposit checks into your U.S.  Bank deposit accounts. Checks eligible for mobile check deposit include consumer, business and corporate drafts, Payable Through drafts, money orders, cashier's checks and more. There is no fee to use this feature.

To deposit a check using the U.S. Bank Mobile App

  1. Select Transfer & pay, then choose Deposit a check
  2. Select the account you'd like to deposit funds into, then enter the amount. For U.S. Treasury checks, press the toggle bar to avoid impacting your daily/weekly deposit limits. 
  3. Clearly sign your name in the endorsement space, on the back of the check. Use black or blue ink for better visibility.
  4. Take a picture of the front and back of the check. We require an image of both sides to process the deposit accurately. For best results, follow these tips:
    • Take the picture directly above the check while holding the camera still. 
    • Place your check on a dark background and have strong enough lighting to see all details.
    • Make sure all four corners show and the check is flat without folds or creases.
  5. Optional: Add a note to the transaction in the Personal note field.
    • Please avoid adding sensitive information such as: PINs, IDs, or passwords.
    • These notes are specific to your profile and can be made on all your deposits to reference later. This information is not added to our system of record.
  6. Review the details of your mobile deposit and select Deposit. We recommend retaining all checks for at least seven business days after the deposit is made. 

Additional information

To learn more, try our Digital Explorer and our Deposit a check tutorial. This will show you how to choose your deposit account, find your deposit limits, and more. Mobile check deposit is supported by all devices that use iOS 13 or later and Android 7 or later operating systems.

The following type of checks are not eligible for mobile check deposit:

  • Items drawn on foreign banks or in foreign currency
  • Paper drafts with MICR printing, such as convenience checks drawn off credit products such as home equity lines of credit and credit cards.
  • U.S. Savings bonds and state-issued checks.
  • Third-party and substitute checks
  • Mobile check deposit page