How do I change my username?

To update your username using online banking 

  1. Select Profile & settings, then select Manage profile & settings. Select Edit login preferences.
  2. Choose Edit next to Username, then enter your new username and re-enter it.
  3. Enter your current password and select Update username

To update your username using the U.S. Bank Mobile App 

  1. From the main menu, select the gear icon in the upper right.
  2. Select Login preferences, then choose Change username.
  3. Enter your new username and re-enter it.
  4. Enter your current password and select Update username

More information

Once a new username is selected, you'll unable to use the previous username. 

Username requirements:

  • Must be seven to 22 characters long.
  • Any combination of letters and numbers.
  • No spaces or special characters.

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