Simplify check disbursement while potentially earning rebates

Outsource checks to optimize working capital.

Check Payables is an outsourced solution for moderate to large check volumes to help you eliminate or reduce in-house printing. It’s easy: you provide payment instructions via data transmission, file upload or API for checks that require printing. Then, we facilitate the production and distribution of the check disbursements.

Earn rebates on B2B check payments.

Check Payables Optimization is a service delivered in partnership with Viewpost®. It helps you earn rebates by seamlessly converting check payments to virtual cards. It’s fully integrated with Check Payables so there’s no technical implementation or process change required.

Automated Escheatment Service

Uncashed check payments often lead to manual processes to escheat unclaimed property. Automated Escheatment Service unifies your processes into an automated workflow that includes all your escheatment tasks, such as due diligence and state reporting, while accounting for differing regulations.

Automatically manage unclaimed property and simplify escheatment.

Whether we print your checks, you do it on your own, or it’s done by a third party, we can help you with escheatment.

See a new way to regain your time, energy and resources for tackling the old problem of escheatment.

What is escheatment and the escheatment process?

Escheatment is the process of reporting and remitting unclaimed property to the appropriate jurisdiction based on statutory requirements. It typically occurs in two annual cycles: spring and fall. For most companies, escheatment involves tedious processes to reconcile and report information.

How do we automate the escheatment process?

We're the first financial institution to offer a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for managing unclaimed property and escheatment. Linked to our check data warehouse, our Automated Escheatment Service provides visibility to and reporting on uncashed checks to prevent escheatment. When it becomes necessary, our service resolves all aspects of the escheatment process from liability analysis to due diligence mailings, state filings and remittance.

Circular logo that says 2022 Impact Award Winner

Automated Escheatment Service wins Aite-Novarica Innovation Award.

Aite-Novarica recognized our innovative automated escheatment solution at their 2022 Innovation in Cash Management & Payments Forum.

Learn more about our Automated Escheatment Service and why it was chosen for the award.

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Keep pace with the speed of modern business.

Pairing ACH payments, secure wire transfers and other traditional payment methods with digital payment solutions can help maximize your efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about automating escheatment.

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How automating escheatment saves time and money

Escheatment takes up a lot of time and effort for most accounts payable departments. Automating the process is a more efficient alternative.

Young woman in an open, modern office sitting in front of a large computer monitor to do work.

It’s time to modernize escheatment.

For most companies, escheatment is still a painful manual process. But it doesn’t have to be. This e-book presents a new solution for this old problem.

Young man in professional attire working at a desk where he has a laptop and a large computer monitor as he is working on escheatment tasks.

Escheatment reporting deadlines

Different states have different deadlines for escheatment reporting. We’ve compiled all the deadlines in one place for your convenience.

Let's talk about simplifying your check payments and escheatment process.

Reach out to our team to discuss the benefits of digitizing check disbursements and automating escheatment.

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