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Benefit from our highly individualized service, breadth of solutions and depth of knowledge. Consider what works best for your goals and get up to 100% financing, with customized solutions tailored to meet your expectations.

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Lease or buy?

Factors to consider when evaluating your financing options.



Ownership advantage

Up-to-date devices with support

Straightforward purchasing process

Control over

Expenditures and cash flow

Technology life cycle


Lower upfront expenditures

Potential long-term savings

Maximize efficiency

Choose from a wide variety of competitively priced lease or financing options for transactions of all sizes, allowing for multiple vendors and flexible installation schedules.

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Simplify processes

Consolidate with one payment and one master agreement, which can include all assets. Over time, subsequent schedules can be added to the same master agreement, to save costs and time.

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Achieve your tax and accounting objectives

Lease structures can be established to meet the accounting preferences you find most beneficial. Retaining Section 179 and bonus depreciation benefits could allow your business to deduct up to 100% of the cost of your capital equipment purchases. Or you may elect to have us retain tax ownership and the related benefits in exchange for a lower rate.

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