Currency hedging and interest rate risk

Navigate foreign exchange rate risks and interest rate changes.

Get customized solutions to help navigate interest rate change, enhance debt structures and manage currency risk.

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A derivatives team structured to fit your needs.

Work with our national team of highly skilled specialists for privately negotiated contracts that allow you to manage risks arising from fluctuating interest rates. Our most common products include swaps, caps and collars.

Hedge risks and optimize structure.

  • Secure protection against unfavorable changes in the interest rates.
  • Hedge risks associated with short-term and long-term rates.
  • Help optimize debt structure.
  • Structure customized solutions to manage specific risks.

Leverage our foreign exchange (FX) markets experience.

Let us work with you to identify foreign exchange exposure and provide customized solutions to help manage associated risks.

  • Identification and measurement of foreign currency risk.
  • Evaluation and selection of hedging programs tailored for different types of FX risks.
  • Execution of FX spot, deliverable and non-deliverable forwards, swaps and options.
  • Providing 24 hour pricing over the phone, via most major multi-bank trading platforms or through our proprietary platform – U.S. Bank FX Web.

What sets us apart

  • Seamless on-boarding with hands on assistance throughout the entire process.
  • Guidance with ISDA terms, Dodd-Frank Protocol adherence, tax forms and other regulatory/legal requirements.
  • Focus on building a long-term relationship as your trusted FX partner.

Simplify your FX transactions with U.S. Bank FX Web

Simplify your foreign exchange transactions, gain greater control and increase transparency. With real-time online access to the foreign exchange market you can view all your foreign exchange activity online. Available when you access U.S. Bank FX Web through a single sign-on in SinglePoint®, our online treasury management platform.

How online access can work for you

  • Increase efficiency: Initiate and confirm foreign exchange transactions – spot, forward and foreign currency account transfers.
  • Work securely: Control and monitor user access through multiple security and authorization levels.
  • Save time: Create templates and settlement instructions for repetitive transactions.
  • Stay informed: Identify time-sensitive tasks through a variety of work queues as well as email notifications to internal approvers and the ultimate beneficiary of funds.

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