Simplify life on the road and in the office.

The Voyager Mastercard works for all fuel-related expenses, so you can rest assured your fleet cards will cover surprises, including repairs and unexpected hotel stays.


The U.S. Bank Voyager Mastercard®

From dual-network acceptance and cross-border payments to driver and fleet manager peace of mind, all managed on a single platform, the U.S. Bank Voyager Mastercard is an exciting game-changer.

Enjoy nationwide fleet card acceptance, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Acceptance with complete, detailed, accurate data for fuel and maintenance services as well as for unexpected expenses such as tolls, parking and repairs.

Ensure your fleet drivers are covered when they need it most.

Prepare for the unexpected on the road. Give your drivers a single card that can support unplanned tolls, parking, repairs or emergency travel.

Streamline business fleet cards, billing and reporting.

Administer cards, set spend controls and see all transactions within a single fleet management tool.

Manage fuel and maintenance for comprehensive savings.

Benefit from improved processes, planning tools and discounts to lower your total fleet costs.

Voyager Mastercard: A more flexible solution for your fleet

The Voyager Mastercard enables drivers to pay for all fleet-related expenses. And while they are on the road, fleet managers have the visibility to control purchases and minimize risk with advanced fleet management and reporting tools.

Plus, the Voyager Mastercard provides the flexibility needed for your fleet to:

  • Issue a fleet card to individual drivers or vehicles.
  • Assign specific controls and pump prompts.
  • Support the tracking and control of pre-purchased fuel.
  • Pay for mobile refueling and driver training.
  • Accommodate negotiated discounts.

Support your critical business needs.

Take charge of fleet costs and enhance productivity with the right card solution for your fleet.

Implement a combined fuel-maintenance solution.

Integrate fuel and maintenance on a single platform to better manage total costs.

Access leading brands and merchants.

Experience the reliability of a nationwide network that works for you and your drivers.

Manage your fleet from one tool.

Our secure program management tool gives you unprecedented visibility into your fleet operations.

Voyager Mastercard Drive Guide

Provide drivers and merchants information on using or accepting the Voyager Mastercard for payment.

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