International electronic payments

Need to wire a payment to South America, make a currency exchange online or pay vendors in Asia today? Work with a bank that has the products and expertise to grow with you.

International electronic payments benefits

  • Canadian checking account services1 allow you to draw checks against Canadian-dollar receipts without leaving your office. We’ll also help you with the paperwork and implementation of your Canadian services.
  • Foreign check deposit services allow us to collect payment on your behalf on foreign checks2 deposited to your local account. Foreign currency checks are converted to U.S. dollars at competitive exchange rates.
  • Foreign exchange services feature a comprehensive set of tools to manage foreign currency risk2. We also offer foreign-exchange seminars several times a year.
  • Foreign currency accounts are typically non-interest bearing accounts used for wire transfers. They’re ideal for companies that have payables and receivables in the same currency3.
  • U.S. Bank Foreign Exchange Web (FX Web) is a tool that enables your business to make payments in foreign currencies without going to the bank.
  • International ACH payments to Canada, Mexico and Europe enable you to create and transmit ACH transactions using direct transmission or U.S. Bank SinglePoint® Essentials.
  • International wire transfers provide fast, secure transfer of funds, including same-day and future-dated transfers.
  • International check processing includes clean collections as well as check deposits.
  • International Balance Reporting allows you to see your complete financial position online, including account summary and detailed transaction information for foreign accounts, through U.S. Bank SinglePoint® International Balance Reporting.