Remote cash deposit

Deposit cash electronically into a secure, “smart safe.” Our cash-scanning technology makes cash handling easy and transmits a daily posting file that credits your account.

Remote cash deposit benefits

  • Stores your money in locked cassettes until the next armored carrier pickup
  • Reduces armored pickups from five to seven days a week to one to three days a week
  • Consolidates depository banking relationships with a single U.S. Bank account
  • Increases staff safety because they can’t access the safe
  • Saves time counting cash and going to the bank

How it works

Day 1

Cash is deposited into the safe.

Day 2

Posting file for Day 1 activity is sent to the bank and collected credit is given through Day 2’s posting process.

Day 3

Deposit activity can be viewed using Previous Day reporting with SinglePoint®.

Cash vault services

Need to deposit or order large amounts of cash? Require a continuous inventory of coin and currency? We provide automated cash processing, secure delivery and accurate reporting.

Cash vault services benefits

  • Automated deposit tracking from receipt to verification, allowing the cash vault to constantly monitor the status of your deposits
  • Same-day credit for all deposits received by our established cash vault location deadlines
  • Deposit verification within 24 hours of receipt, allowing for ongoing reconciliation of your cash flow
  • Convenient, 24/7 cash ordering is available through the SinglePoint Cash Vault ordering service or by phone
  • Enhanced security, including secured docks for delivery of your deposit by armored courier, video surveillance, counterfeit detection in all currency counting equipment, and dual-custody processing
  • Receive current information online about your cash deposits, helping you manage your cash position

Branch cash services

Don’t have a cash vault nearby? Our branch cash services can process your cash deposits or provide coin and currency at your locations.

Branch cash services benefits

  • Convenient access of more than 3,000 branches in 25 states nationwide 
  • Detailed coordination to determine which branches are closest to your stores and your cash needs so that this information is communicated to the branches you’ll be using
  • Flexible options for standard and manual processing that gives you the ability to decide how your cash deposits, adjustments and orders will be processed and delivered
  • Safe and secure night-drop service that are removed from the depository under dual control and also gives you the option of having your night deposits counted in front of you the following business day