Employee rewards and customer appreciation

Send a better kind of thank you.

A smart, simple way to show appreciation and foster loyalty with your employees and customers, a prepaid card solution is their reward with your convenience.

Prepaid rewards card

Whether you want to thank customers for their business, use as a promotional reward or motivate employees, a U.S. Bank Rewards Card™1 combines convenience and cost savings for you with security and flexibility for your employees or customers.

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Prepaid digital rewards

The same great benefits of the Rewards Card, without the plastic. Give a U.S. Bank Digital Rewards Card2 to your employees or customers, and let them shop online everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

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Prepaid private label rewards card

Give rewards while keeping the spend within your own company with a U.S. Bank Private Label Rewards Card3. As a Restricted Access Network (RAN) card solution, you can restrict the use to a specific merchant category code, merchant ID or terminal ID.

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Make rewarding employees part of your business strategy.

5 steps for creating an employee recognition program

An effective and sustainable employee recognition program can increase engagement, make employees feel appreciated and reduce turnover.

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Give a prepaid rewards card for employee recognition

Rewarding employees for their work is an effective way to boost morale and encourage quality work for the future.

Give the reward of money

How to reward employees and teams who perform well

Consistent positive reinforcement and rewards for benchmark achievements can transform your company culture.

10 ways to reward your employees