Wealth Management loans

Find the right financing option.

Throughout your lifetime, you may need access to cash for several important goals, such as funding loved ones’ education, exploring investment opportunities or purchasing a primary home, vacation home, boat or aircraft.

We offer customized Wealth Management loan options that complement other aspects of your financial plan.

Jumbo mortgages

Whether you’re buying a primary residence, a secondary home or an investment property, your banker will coordinate with mortgage loan originators, processors, underwriters and closers to help meet your specific needs.

Costs deduction. Along with benefitting from our flexible rate structure, you may be able to take 0.25% of your new first mortgage loan amount and deduct it from your mortgage closing costs, up to a maximum of $1,000.1  You may be eligible for this customer credit as a client of U.S. Bank Wealth Management.

Dedicated loan processing team. Our dedicated team works collaboratively to help ensure you meet your closing date.

For additional mortgage options, contact a banker.

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Residential construction loans

Whether you are buying a construction lot – or you already own land and are ready to build – our financing programs offer a range of options customizable to your needs.

Single-close construction-to-perm financing. You can start your loan process prior to the construction of your home with our one-time close approach.

ARM or fixed rate. Once construction is complete, you can choose whether to roll your loan, for the remaining term, into a permanent adjustable rate mortgage or into a fixed rate option.

Liquid asset secured financing

Unleash the value of your investment portfolio to obtain cash without liquidating your assets to:

  • Finance special purchases quickly
  • Manage short-term cash flow needs
  • Serve as a bridge loan
  • Refinance higher-interest rate debt
  • Pay taxes

Establish a flexible line of credit in your investment accounts, secured by eligible assets.

Liquid asset secured financing features

  • No origination or closing costs
  • No personal financial statements or tax returns required for loans up to $5 million for existing clients
  • Streamlined application approval process
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment of principal
  • Access to funds online or through your dedicated banker

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Insurance premium financing

To preserve cash to cover estate settlement costs, wealth transition and tax planning, you can finance annual insurance premiums over $1 million. You typically borrow as an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT), Family Limited Partnership or LLC.

Your banker can help you weigh your many options for purchasing insurance without significantly impacting your cash flow or liquid assets.

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More custom financing options

GRAT financing. A grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) can help you minimize taxes on large financial gifts to family members. Transfer rapidly appreciating assets while keeping income interest.

Graegin loans. If your estate lacks the liquidity to pay estate taxes or administrative expenses that are typically due within 90 days, a Graegin loan can help you pay those expenses so you don't have to liquidate assets during this short time-frame.

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