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Directing more than $195 billion in assets under management, the U.S. Bank Asset Management Group (AMG) guides economic and policy analyses, while closely monitoring U.S. and world markets to help advise you as you pursue your investment strategy.

Our team of more than 180 seasoned professionals provides expertise on capital markets, traditional and alternative investments, as well as macroeconomics, equity research and due diligence review.

Meet the leadership team


The Asset Management Group leadership team is composed of industry experts responsible for U.S. Bank’s approach and methodology for all advisor-delivered and online investing options available through our affiliate U.S. Bancorp Investments.

Our leaders are frequent spokespeople for U.S. Bank and routinely appear on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and Yahoo! Finance.

Eric J. Freedman

Chief Investment Officer

Eric directs overall investment strategy, asset allocation research, investment and security selection, economic work and policy analysis.

Lisa Y. Erickson, CFA

Due Diligence Strategy Director

Lisa and her team are responsible for directing all aspects of traditional investment research and fund manager selection.

Thomas M. Hainlin, CFA

National Investment Strategist

Tom leads a team of analysts that provides global macroeconomic and capital market research and trend analysis through disciplined, data-driven methodologies.

Robert L. Haworth, CFA

Senior Investment Strategist

Rob oversees the development of investment strategy and leads a team focused on capital market analysis, asset allocation and portfolio construction.

Patrick J. Mahoney

Institutional Investments Director

Pat oversees the institutional asset management practice and portfolio management team, which is responsible for clients ranging from public and private pension plans, foundations, corporations and other public entities.

William T. Northey, CFA

Senior Investment Director

Bill manages investment portfolios for institutional and high net worth clients and leads teams of client-facing investment professionals across the firm's entire geographic footprint for wealth management.

Terry D. Sandven

Chief Equity Strategist

Terry and his team manage core equity and dividend growth portfolios for individuals, families and institutions.

Kurt Silberstein, CFA, CAIA

Due Diligence Strategy Director

Kurt and his team are focused on developing analytical insights to gain a clearer understanding of the complexities associated with alternative investment strategies.



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