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With more than $448 billion1 in assets under its management, the U.S. Bank Asset Management Group (AMG) helps guide U.S. Bank economic and policy analysis. AMG monitors U.S. and global capital markets, which helps inform your wealth management professional's approach to your investments.

The AMG team has more than 180 seasoned professionals with expertise in traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds as well as alternative investments such as hedge funds and private capital, and a deep understanding of the macroeconomic environment. The team also focuses on capital market research that’s complemented by a rigorous due diligence approach.

Putting expertise into action

When designing your customized portfolio, your wealth professional will leverage AMG’s expertise.

AMG's models are objective and based on the team's awareness of market dynamics, historical insights, asset allocation and investment options, supported by research and due diligence. This analytic, fact-based approach is the foundation for our organization’s investment offerings and guidance.

Half-circle diagram showing the strength of the global economy across a spectrum from 0 to 100, with 0 labeled as weak, 50 as moderate and 100 as strong. An arrow oscillates based on market conditions.

Data-driven recommendations

AMG continually monitors the global economy, capital markets and government policy in pursuit of better investment outcomes for our clients. To process the information AMG reviews, they created the U.S. Bank proprietary Global Health Check.

The Health Check incorporates more than 1,000 data points across 22 major economies representing 80 percent of global wealth. It includes data from the United States, foreign developed markets and foreign emerging markets. 

Tools like the Health Check inform AMG's decision-making, enabling the team to assess the global economy, improve analytical consistency and provide data-driven investment strategies to clients.

Market analysis

Investment thought leadership from AMG experts can help you stay informed and invest with confidence, whether markets are stable or uncertain. Go to Market News for webinars, client calls, videos and other timely insights and commentary.

The AMG leadership team

The AMG leadership team includes industry experts who help inform our organization's investment approach and methodology. AMG leaders are frequent spokespeople for U.S. Bank and routinely appear on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and Yahoo! Finance.

Eric J. Freedman

Chief Investment Officer

Eric directs overall investment strategy, asset allocation research, investment and security selection, economic work and policy analysis.

Kaush Amin, CFA

Due Diligence Strategy Director

Kaush and his team are responsible for the private capital investments program, providing key strategic leadership in our alternatives practice.

Lisa Y. Erickson, CFA

Head of Public Markets Due Diligence

Lisa and her team are responsible for directing all aspects of traditional investment research and fund manager selection.

Thomas M. Hainlin, CFA

Senior Investment Strategist

Tom co-leads investment strategy, portfolio construction and investor content development across asset classes and capital market events.

Robert L. Haworth, CFA

Senior Investment Strategist

Rob co-leads investment strategy, portfolio construction and investor content development across asset classes and capital market events.

Patrick J. Mahoney

Investment Director

Pat oversees the institutional asset management practice and portfolio management team, which is responsible for clients ranging from public and private pension plans to foundations, corporations and other public entities.

William J. Merz, CFA

Head of Capital Market Research

Bill and his team are responsible for quantitative modeling and analysis focusing on the global capital market investment set.

William T. Northey, CFA

Investment Director

Bill oversees client-facing teams leading asset and portfolio management for our wealth management business, which consists both of high net worth and institutional clients.

Terry D. Sandven

Chief Equity Strategist

Terry and his team manage core equity and dividend growth portfolios for individuals, families and institutions.

Insights from our experts

Market news

Read our up-to-date reports on economic events and news from the markets.

Investing insights 

Discover trends and ideas that may impact your investing strategy moving forward.

How we analyze the economy

The economy doesn’t just move in a straight line. Our Health Check assesses its direction and how fast it’s moving.

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  1. U.S. Bank Wealth Management & Investment Services has more than $448 billion in assets under management: Q3 2023.

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Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee returns or protect against losses.

Equity securities are subject to stock market fluctuations that occur in response to economic and business developments.

Mutual fund investing involves risk and principal loss is possible. Investing in certain funds involves special risks, such as those related to investments in small- and mid-capitalization stocks, foreign, debt and high-yield securities and funds that focus their investments in a particular industry. Please refer to the fund prospectus for additional details pertaining to these risks.

Alternative investments very often use speculative investment and trading strategies. There is no guarantee that the investment program will be successful. Alternative investments are designed only for investors who are able to tolerate the full loss of an investment. These products are not suitable for every investor even if the investor does meet the financial requirements. It is important to consult with your investment professional to determine how these investments might fit your asset allocation, risk profile and tax situation.