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Natural Disaster


A raincoat, hat, flashlight, and radio against a blue background. The lights flicker.


Text, How to prepare for a natural disaster.

Sign up for severe weather alerts.

Save emergency phone numbers. A cell phone and several notebooks.

Text, Create a disaster kit for your home and car. Water bottles, a first aid kit, cash, IDs, and canned food. A hand places a battery in line.

Text, Make a family evacuation plan. Practice it together. A sleeping bag, matches, and a checklist and map of a home.

Text, Plan ahead for your pets. A leash, kibble, and bones. A tennis ball rolls across the screen.

Text, Store digital copies of important documents. A passport, IDs, birth certificate, and will lie next to a cell phone.

Text, Get health, life, and property insurance. Review coverage for each policy. A stethoscope and ID.

Text, Keep a detailed record of your belongings. A TV, oven, car, and washer. A checklist.

Text, Have an emergency savings fund. An accounting book and flashlight. A hand stacks cash.

Text, U.S. Bank. usbank dot com slash financial i q. Copyright 2019, U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC. 

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How to prepare for a natural disaster

Essential safety measures can help protect your loved ones, property and finances.

Tags: Funds, Goals, Home, Insurance, Life events, Planning
Published: August 14, 2019

Severe weather can strike at any time, but proper planning and preparation can help safeguard your family and property. Take these simple steps to better prepare for a natural disaster before it occurs.

Here are tips and resources to help you reclaim control of your finances after a crisis.