How a bright idea became a successful business 

August 08, 2022

Brian Mangum set out to create a different kind of tech culture—one where compassion leads.


It’s not just about putting your customers first, says Brian Mangum. You also need to have compassion and empathy for what they’re experiencing. Only then can you provide good service.

Mangum learned this early on and it’s made all the difference. What started as a small consulting business that he operated out of his home is now BrightFlow Technologies, a full-service IT solutions company with 15 employees and two offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Greenville, South Carolina.


Learning, building and growing

Over the past 10 years he’s learned a lot about running a business.

“I was a technically minded person, so my struggles were learning how to do basic accounting, how to do basic HR services as I started hiring employees. Capital was an issue, of course. “

But building a strong work culture came naturally. Mangum hires people who exemplify friendliness. Next to the company mission on the website, it reads: “BrightFlow only hires technical minds that love to help people first.”

He’s thankful that he’s been able to build a strong team and that they help each other out. “If someone’s failing or not holding their own, the rest of the team kind of picks that person up and challenges them to say ‘hey this is wrong, this is why, and here’s how you can be better. The team manages the team.’”


Don’t be afraid to fail

As for words of wisdom, Brian’s advice is don’t be afraid to fail.

“Success is a horrible teacher.” Instead, he believes failing and then learning from your mistakes offers the biggest benefits. Also, it’s important to have resilience, so that if you do fail, you learn from it and know not to fail that way again. "Your product, staff, service improve every single time you fail.”

He’s proud of what his company has accomplished.

“These companies we help. We have great testimonials. That’s a great feeling. On the other side we have tons of staff members that we support and help. They have families. For me, when it was just me in my bedroom, and now I see all these families that are supported because of the business, that’s beautiful.”


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