Why didn't my bill payment arrive on time?

Sometimes delays happen while the payment is in the mail or during processing. Having an old address or account number for the biller can cause delays too.

If the biller says the payment is missing, check your account.

  • If it hasn't posted, either the electronic payment wasn't successfully sent or it's a paper check that hasn't been cashed.
  • If it has posted and it's a paper check, you can print a copy of the front and back of the check from digital banking.
  • If it has posted and it was sent electronically, give us a call at 800-987-7237. We'll request proof of the electronic payment sent to you.

We do guarantee the payment to be correct and delivered by the date selected if all the following apply:

  • The payment account is sufficiently funded.
  • All payment information is entered correctly.
  • The payment is scheduled to arrive by the bill’s due date.