U.S. Bank and Intuit make it simpler for customers to share information

July 25, 2019

Agreement will allow customers to connect their data using an application programming interface.

U.S. Bank and Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, announced today the two companies have entered into an agreement that will give customers better access and even greater control of their financial data.

The arrangement will allow customers of U.S. Bank and Intuit to connect their data using an application programming interface (API) between their U.S. Bank account and Intuit’s financial products. The process enhances the customer experience by making it simple to authorize the connection for the customer while not requiring the user to give their credentials to a third party. The direct connection through the API provides a higher quality data exchange when a customer asks to have their information connected to a third-party site. 

U.S. Bank customers will also be able to select the accounts and information they wish to authorize access directly to Intuit products, and those they do not. 

Protecting customer data is the highest priority for both U.S. Bank and Intuit. The API enhancements are just one of the many ways U.S. Bank works to help ensure the privacy and protection of a customer’s personal information.

“U.S. Bank partnering with Intuit is an important step in making it even simpler for our customers to access their financial data,” said Gareth Gaston, executive vice president of Omnichannel at U.S. Bank. “Our customers have more choices than ever to help them with their financial health – ranging from our newly redesigned mobile app to improved connections through third party applications like Intuit’s Mint, TurboTax and QuickBooks.”

The agreement is the first of several planned between U.S. Bank and companies that can enable customers to share their data with popular financial tools.

“At Intuit, we are focused on delivering a high-quality, seamless and secure customer experience, allowing millions of consumers, small businesses and the self-employed to meet their financial goals,” said Rajneesh Gupta, Vice President of Financial Institutions at Intuit. “Utilizing the best and most secure way to access customer data is paramount to the work that we do - and this partnership with U.S. Bank is an important part of that work.”

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