#TourPossible winner Whiskey Fever on becoming the guys on stage

June 14, 2017

Four good old-fashioned rock and rollers are taking their show on the road with $20,000 from U.S. Bank.

In a small town in the Pacific Northwest, four guys are hanging out, having fun, writing and playing the kind of music they enjoy.

"Some of it sounds a little like country and western. Some of it sounds a little like folk rock. But almost all of it sounds like that All American, born in a garage, Saturday night beer buzz, Tom Petty for president, good old fashioned, rock and roll."

Meet Whiskey Fever, the winners of U.S. Bank's #TourPossible Seattle, a competition designed to bring up-and-coming artists one step closer to the possibility of a music career.

Whiskey Fever is comprised of Jack Mattingly on guitar and lead vocals, Andy Brown on drums, Dylan Dalgarn on bass, and Dennis Dorgan on electric guitar.

On June 10, after a high-energy performance at The Showbox in Seattle, they took home both the fan favorite award and the $20,000 grand prize awarded by a panel of music industry judges.

Jack describes playing on the stage where he had seen many of his favorite bands in his youth.

"I'd be in the front row looking at the guys on stage and wondering what I had to do to get from where I was standing to where they were standing. It was literally a foot away. It's taken me 15 years and I’ve only moved a few inches, but the view up there sure was better."

Music is their passion, but it's not a full-time gig for the members of Whiskey Fever. Jack and Dennis operate saws at a lumber company, Dylan is a shipping and receiving coordinator, and Andy is a mental health counselor. 

They are planning to record their second full-length album this fall, and to take a regional tour to support the release. Winning #TourPossible will make it easier for them to promote their album and play more of the engaging, intimate-yet-powerful rock and roll shows that have become their trademark.

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