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Take the paperwork out of your organization’s purchases

Discover the oversight and control you need to streamline your accounts payable process and turn payment data into clear, actionable information to save time and money throughout your purchasing process.

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U.S. Bank Purchasing Card

Boost efficiency and decrease costs

Significantly reduce time and costs with the U.S. Bank Purchasing Card, a fast, flexible purchasing tool, which offers you an alternative to traditional purchase orders and existing paper-based, labor-intensive processes.

  • Simplify and enhance policy compliance, vendor negotiations, transaction monitoring, security, reporting and payment.
  • Analyze spending patterns and identify opportunities that can assist you in negotiating with vendors, track spending, drive savings to the bottom line and ensure spending is consistent with policy.
  • Reduce administrative costs and time spent paying for a variety of business-to-business goods and services.
  • Implement flexible card controls such as transaction limits and merchant category code (MCC) blocking to block misuse and abuse at the point of sale.

U.S. Bank One Card

A single payment solution

Simplify your payment processes with the U.S. Bank One Card, with fully customizable spend controls and compliance policies for spend monitoring — from purchasing, travel and entertainment (T&E) and fleet.

  • Consolidate purchasing, travel and fleet expenses.
  • Develop a complete spending picture through robust insights generated from a single card program that allows you to make data informed decisions to better manage your spend.
  • Gain insight into spending patterns to improve your cash flow management.

U.S. Bank Managed Spend Card

Gain control and visibility of non-traditional spend

From project management to grants funding to employee relocations and more, the U.S. Bank Managed Spend Card can help you manage payments that may fall beyond the scope of traditional programs.

  • Declining balance functionality provides a firm limit on the card.
  • Specially built to help you manage special outlying expenses.
  • A variety of controls help your organization stay in control and on budget.
  • Supported by U.S. Bank Access® Online, a web-based program management tool.

U.S. Bank Event Planner Card

Total purchasing flexibility for enhanced meetings management

Consolidate your meeting and event expenses with one payment solution. The U.S. Bank Event Planner Card is a powerful, meetings management card designed to help you gain purchasing flexibility, and improve the payment process for strategic meetings management.

  • Improve event expense management with an automated purchasing, payment and tracking process.
  • Consolidate spending data across vendors to leverage in negotiations.
  • Maximize spend capture with the ability to purchase at traditional and non-traditional vendors.
  • Improve efficiency with customizable merchant approvals and spend limits.

U.S. Bank virtual payment solutions

Virtual credit cards extend the value of your commercial card program by replacing checks and paper-based processes. Virtual cards simplify reconciliation, reduce costs and create rebate revenue share opportunity.

  • Virtual Pay for planned expenses
  • Instant Card for real-time purchases
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Manage and report on your card programs with a single tool

Whether your team is making purchases at home, across the country or even internationally, you need a card management system that’s reliable, fast and easy to use. Our comprehensive online account administration and reporting systems, U.S. Bank Access® Online and U.S. Bank Commercial Payments Manager, make managing your accounts payable process easier than ever before.

Our sales representatives will work with you to determine which systems is right for your organization.