Do I need to send U.S. Bank a copy of the tax bill I received for my mortgage?

No need to send us a copy. Please keep the original tax bill for your records.

The only reason to send us a copy is if you need us to pay it out of your escrow account. If you want it paid from your escrow account, send us a written request. We'll need a copy of the bill, the mortgage loan number, and a signed note asking that it be paid from the escrow account. See also: Why did I get a supplemental tax bill for my mortgage and how do I send a copy of it? 

U.S. Bank
Attn: Tax department
PO Box 21948
Eagan, MN 55121


Please be aware, since we aren't anticipating paying the added bill, an escrow shortage may occur. See also: What is an escrow shortage?