Manage the five Cs of small parcel shipping

While challenges often evolve alongside market conditions, managing the five Cs of customers, carriers, capacity, cost and consistency, remains a constant focus for shippers.

Accumulated savings of nine million dollars in four years

Our client needed a trusted partner to provide a reliable, efficient freight audit and payment process. Our small parcel tool enabled an audit program to identify savings opportunities across millions of packages per year, as well as insights on delivery service and mode selection that offered additional savings. Savings that accumulated to nine million dollars in four years!

Find new efficiencies at every mile of your supply chain.

Gain visibility and improve control.

Our automated payment solution tracks and reports delivery performance, processes and pays invoices, provides detailed reports highlighting savings opportunities and conducts audits.

Increase savings.

Access a wealth of process improvement opportunities that can be identified within your supply chain to help reduce cost.

Enhance strategic decision making and optimize contract negotiations.

Dynamic, real-time reporting and robust shipping data gives your organization unprecedented visibility to drive more cost-efficient shipping decisions.

Automate cost recovery.

U.S. Bank Freight Payment identifies events that trigger overpayment and recovers the costs.

Improve process efficiencies.

Automate the process of preparing and organizing small parcel invoices for payment, eliminating the need for manual management and free up staff time from invoice processing tasks.

Small parcel shipping scams can cost you big money

Our client, a large provider of industrial products, suspected that they were being scammed with fraudulent packages shipped on their parcel accounts. They turned to the U.S. Bank Small Parcel Solutions team and our comprehensive analysis uncovered more than $650,000 of fraudulent charges in the first six months!

Get enhanced financial visibility, accountability and planning.

Decision management

Optimize your rate and mode, carrier selection, contract governance and revenue tier management.


Audit contracts, billing, service performances, rebates and rates.

Financial control

Access greater financial control with cost allocation, invoice payments, preparation, and GL/AR coding.

Business intelligence

Get heightened insight with custom and dashboard reporting, forecasting and trending and real time, on demand data.

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