U.S. Bank prepaid cards

U.S. Bank Prepaid Cards are an innovative and efficient alternative to cash and checks. Funds are easy to access while safely stored on preloaded cards. We have a variety of options to suit your business or government needs.

  • U.S. Bank Rewards Visa® Card - With customizable cards loaded with the dollar amount you specify, this is the perfect solution when rewarding employees, for engaging promotions or thanking vendors and other business partners.
  • Payroll Card - the U.S. Bank Focus™ Card - Perfect for business clients, this card replaces the costs of paper checks and covers a broad range of recurring cash disbursement issues like payroll, commissions and travel advances.
  • Government Disbursements - U.S. Bank ReliaCard® - This cost-effective funds-transfer solution is the best choice for government agencies with recurring disbursements. Your agency transfers funds to the card, and the cardholder can then use it everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide.