U.S. Bank launches Coaching and Growth Center at Vegas Chamber

January 18, 2022
U.S. Bank Goals Coach Walt Carey meeting with a client
U.S. Bank Goals Coach Walter Carey meets with his new client, Patricia Yin, the first recipient of the 22 in 22 program where U.S. Bank is providing a one-year Vegas Chamber membership to 22 small business owners before the end of 2022.

In the new center, U.S. Bank will provide free coaching to help clients connect to their goals, visualize them throughout their lives and identify the right steps toward pursuing those goals.

Over the past year, U.S. Bank goals coaches and bankers in Las Vegas have met with hundreds of clients thanks to the bank partnership with the Vegas Chamber. But recently, Goals Coach Walter Carey was able to trade his webcam for his first in-person coaching session at the new brick-and-mortar U.S. Bank Coaching and Growth Center located inside the chamber building.

“It was incredible getting to meet face-to-face with a small business owner in a place that is familiar to her,” Carey said. “The value of having a physical presence at the chamber is huge. I’m looking forward to meeting clients there frequently and continuing to grow our reach to help even more clients work toward achieving their dreams.”

Chamber leaders and U.S. Bank officials at grand opening

In the new center, U.S. Bank will provide free coaching to help clients connect to their goals, visualize them throughout their lives and identify the right steps toward pursuing those goals. Once clients feel confident, they can engage with experts from across the bank to help turn their dreams and aspirations into reality.

As Carey’s new client, Patricia Yin, works toward the goal of growing her landscaping business, Carey will offer to introduce her to partners across the bank, such as U.S. Bank Business Banking Manager Robert Arnal who can assist Yin as she thinks through her financial goals.

“Before I met Coach Walt, I thought my husband and I were going to have to figure out how to reach our goals by ourselves, which was overwhelming,” Yin said. “I need someone to hold me accountable, someone to give me perspective on the next right steps. I’m very grateful to the chamber and U.S. Bank for sponsoring the program. They’re helping the community. Just with my business, they’re helping my 18 employees’ families and touching the lives of my landscaping clients. We’re getting to build something beautiful together.”

“It’s rare for banks to have a physical presence in a key community space like this,” Arnal said. “The partnership with the chamber has given us exclusive access to more than 4,000 business owners and professionals who may not have met us otherwise. And the coaching and growth center will help goals coaches and bankers better collaborate to allow clients work toward their goals.”

In addition to giving goals coaches and bankers a place to meet with clients, the center also provides an events space for larger meetings, conferences and activities. Additionally, Employ Nevada Business Hub, which provides services to businesses, is sharing space with the bank and providing cross-referrals to the goals coaches and other banking services. 

“The Vegas Chamber’s goal to ‘promote growth and prosperity’ for their members lines up perfectly with the bank’s core values,” said Will Ochoa, who manages goals coaching partnerships for U.S. Bank. “It’s no wonder that we’ve developed such a strong relationship. Being onsite will allow us to become even more integrated into how the chamber supports their members and employees.”

At the Vegas Chamber, U.S. Bank employees are helping their members with everything from growing their businesses to growing their families. Since the partnership began, the bank has become part of the chamber’s new member onboarding program and has had frequent opportunities to get in front of business owners.

“Reaching your business goals can be daunting, especially while navigating economic uncertainty,” said Mary Beth Sewald, president and CEO of the Vegas Chamber. “That’s why the U.S. Bank Coaching and Growth Center at the Vegas Chamber is such a valuable resource to small business owners. Through the help of financial professionals like Robert and goals coaches like Walter, chamber members can focus on their goals and develop a strategy to successfully reach them.”

The relationship between U.S. Bank and the Vegas Chamber is part of a new bank initiative called residencies, where bank employees come onsite to work with the organization’s members, clients and employees. The bank is establishing these partnerships with organizations in Las Vegas and Seattle, with additional markets to come in 2022.

“Our goals coaches, bankers and residency partners have powered potential for our clients,” said U.S. Bank Las Vegas Market Leader Stephanie Cisneros. “With so many Americans facing unforeseen challenges during the pandemic, I don’t think the timing of having these residencies up and running could have been more perfect.”

Visit to learn more about the U.S. Bank Goals Coaching program. 

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