Balance your payments portfolio.

Utilize dependable payment options like automated clearing house (ACH) and wire transfers, while mixing in innovations like Zelle® and Real-Time Payments (RTP®) to maximize your time and create efficient processes.

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Maximize your existing payment methods.


Make predicable ACH payments for better cash flow control.

Wire transfers

Ensure security and speed go hand-in-hand with wire transfers.

Check payables

Manage the full check creation process with an outsourced solution for moderate to large check volumes.

Controlled disbursement

Ensure accurate same-day check clearing and know the dollar amount clearing each morning.

Optimize with faster payments for control, security and data integration.

Automate payment processing with Real-Time Payments (RTP®).

Send and receive instant payments with ATP to give you 24/7 access and immediate availability of your funds, bringing value to your organization with a new way to make payments:

  • Meet end-user demands by offering flexible payment options.
  • Create efficiencies and largely remove manual processes.
  • Mitigate payment risk and reduce exceptions.
  • Ensure settlement with the finality of RTP payments.

Simplify with Disbursements via Zelle®.

Send payments to consumers for refunds, rebates, account closures, 1099 employee payments and more with Zelle, a solution that is easy to use for your consumers with the benefits you need for your business:

  • Reduce costs compared to other payment options.
  • Reduce risks and eliminate the need to store and maintain bank account information.
  • Automate processes to gather recipient payment information.

Cost-effective, faster electronic payments with Same Day ACH.

ACH has a faster option to accelerate funds availability for use cases such as late payroll, B2B payments and same day consumer bill payments with Same Day ACH:

  • Efficiently receive customer funds on the same day.
  • Assist customers in avoiding late fee or service interruptions.
  • Leverage when risks or barriers are increased.
  • Process check conversion transactions more quickly.
  • Process “just in time” vendor payments.

Evaluate your working capital efficiency.

Utilize our working capital optimization process to uncover process best practices and enhancement opportunities. During a focused session, our specialists in working capital efficiency will review your processes, culture and goals to provide you with recommendations to create the best future for your payables journey.

The goal of our working capital engagements for payables:

  • Streamline disbursement processes through automation.
  • Reduce transaction processing costs.
  • Increase process efficiency to enable staff to perform more essential work.
  • Realize incentive opportunities.
  • Enhance stakeholder relationships.

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