Documents you may need

You’ll need some documentation to get started. Consult this list for reference and connect with our specialists for further advice.

Proof of death

Original or certified copies of the death certificate are the most commonly accepted forms of documentation.

Account information

Available documentation detailing any accounts held with the bank.
Examples include: outstanding U.S. Bank bills, past statements or letters

Documentation regarding authority over your loved one's financial affairs

Documents that show who has authority to act on behalf of your loved one's affairs, estate or trust.
For example, documentation we may accept:

  • Probate documentation
  • Small estate affidavit/Collection of personal property
  • Executor paperwork
  • Representative paperwork
  • Letters of testamentary
  • Trust documents

Additional documentation for home mortgage or loan accounts

  • Last will and testament
  • Trust documents

You may also need:

  • Valid ID (one of the following)
    • State driver's license
    • State ID card
    • U.S. passport
    • Military ID
    • U.S. alien registration card

Third parties you may need to contact:

You may be asked to contact the following organizations. Consult with your legal professional and/or U.S. Bank specialist to determine the right course of action.

Additional information

Have more questions? Please visit Financial IQ for additional information and resources for managing financial matters after a death.