New report: U.S. Bank among top companies for employee economic mobility

October 17, 2022
U.S. Bank employees at the Lake Street branch in Minneapolis.

The American Opportunity Index, launched by the Schultz Family Foundation, Harvard Business School and Burning Glass Institute studies the progress of workers without a college degree.

Employees looking for opportunity to grow their career and climb the corporate ladder fair well at U.S. Bank, according to a new corporate scorecard published by think tank The Burning Glass Institute.

The American Opportunity Index ranks the 250 largest public companies by how well they create economic mobility for their employees across five areas of opportunity:

  • Best Workplaces to Advance Within
  • Best Workplaces to Start From
  • Best Workplaces to Stay and Thrive at One Company
  • Best Workplaces to Advance Without a College Degree;
  • Best Workplaces That Grow Their Own Talent

U.S. Bank ranked among the Top 50 companies overall, and among the “Best Workplaces to Advance Within” and to “Best Workplaces to Advance Without a College Degree.” So far this year, 45% of the bank’s hires have been non-college graduates and of the roughly 24,000 positions expected to be filled this year, approximately 35-40% of the hires will be internal candidates.

"Opportunity and upward mobility have long been central to the American experiment, however this generational trend has been on a decades-long downward slide. If you were born in the 1940's, you had a 90% chance of doing better than your parents. Today, it's even odds," said Matt Sigelman, president of the Burning Glass Institute. "Much analysis of economic advancement focuses on a worker's individual education, training, and experience, or even personality, but the truth is the country's biggest companies play a crucial role in creating opportunities for their employees to thrive."

The American Opportunity Index evaluated public data from LinkedIn, Lightcast and Glassdoor related to career histories and compensation of three million employees at the largest 250 public companies over the course of five years. 

Be empowered to create your own path and accelerate your career by visiting the U.S. Bank career site.

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