Achieve your asset management goals with our custom solutions.

Innovative tools give you the opportunity to enhance your success in the bank loan and securitization markets. With a team comprising hundreds of collateralized loan obligation (CLO) trustee and loan administration professionals, we have the market experience to take care of your operational needs and position you to focus on your growth.

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Comprehensive, tailored CLO and loan administration services with U.S. Bank

Administer your collateralized loan obligation portfolios with confidence. You can rely on us to invest in technology and enhance your business to help you succeed.

CDO and CLO trustee services

Oversee your portfolio throughout the CLO lifecycle with flexible reporting and enhanced technology for all asset managers, including direct lending professionals in middle market CLOs and commercial real estate professionals in CRE CLOs.

  • Portfolio tracking and reconciliation of cash balances, holdings, compliance testing and trade activity
  • Daily cash and holdings information
  • Warehouse tracking and reconciliation
  • Timely hypothetical trade testing
  • Monthly and quarterly investor reporting
  • Quarterly waterfall generation and reconciliation

Middle– and back–office solutions

Outsourcing middle- and back-office functions allows you to reduce operational costs and focus on making investment decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

  • Third-party verification of trustee and custodian data, calculations and investor reports
  • Portfolio tracking, including daily confirmation of cash balances, holdings data and trade activity
  • Compliance test and cash flow modeling, including hypothetical trade and waterfall calculations
  • Automated feeds for global bank loan data and portfolio balances
  • Par and distressed trade document closing within LSTA and LMA standards
  • Separate and distinct CDO Suite platform to process information independently from the trustee and loan administration platform at U.S. Bank

Loan agency

We act as an independent provider of comprehensive loan agency, successor agency and sub-agency services for the loan markets. Our team of professionals delivers a diverse range of experience within broadly syndicated loan, middle market loan and bond financing structures.

  • Deal closing and settlement at the point of origination, acquisition or transfer
  • Liaison between borrower and all syndicate participants, including communication with all approved parties
  • Compliance with governing documents and underlying loan covenants
  • Notice generation and delivery to lenders and borrowers
  • Specializing in facility types that include debtor-in-possession (DIP), bridge, exit and other restructurings

Business development company support

From custody to fund administration, our dedicated experts work with BDCs one-on-one to navigate the complicated requirements related to ’40 Act and closed-end fund regulations.

  • Cash management and trade settlement
  • Daily cash and holdings files
  • Loan and security reconciliation
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Secured vault for original documentation
  • Financial statement preparation and fund accounting

Pivot delivers the CLO tools and data that matter most.

Our interactive client portal provides a secure way to access deal and asset data, empowering you to make critical portfolio management decisions with confidence. The global loan database in Pivot underpins powerful reporting and analytical tools that are delivered through a simple, intuitive design.

File cabinet and loan notice search

Search and filter thousands of critical reports and loan notices, giving you a fast, secure way to find deal and loan documents.

Data tie-out

Validate all your critical deal data in a matter of seconds. Drag and drop data files in your preferred format, view data breaks and validate, and run analysis across your portfolio in seconds.

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“Our expertise in the bank loan and securitization markets is combined with innovative technology solutions to deliver comprehensive trustee, administration and agency services.”

Joe Nardi
Head of U.S. Collateralized Loan Obligations
U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust

Flexible CLO trustee and loan administration services for your business

Top-tier client service from a CLO trustee market leader

Innovative technology and enhanced reporting

Middle-market and syndicated loan expertise

Award winning team of experts


Ranked No. 1 Global CDO Trustee
– Asset-Backed Alert, December 2021

U.S. CLO Trustee of the Year
– GlobalCapital, July 2021

Best in trustee duties for CLO reporting and administration
– Creditflux CLO Census, October 2021

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