U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Card

Keep your fleet moving forward with the right solution.

Simplify life on the road and in the office. The Voyager Fleet Card equips you with the information and tools you need to enhance driver efficiency and reduce costs while supporting data integrity and preventing fraud and misuse.

Issue cards for fleet related expenses

Cover cars, vans and trucks

Assign fleet cards to drivers or vehicles

Help prevent misuse with flexible spend controls and automatic pump shutoff

Drive fleet efficiency with convenience

Available for Apple and Android devices, our apps enable fleet managers and drivers to be more effective and efficient.

Smart fleet management solutions that enhance visibility and streamline operations

Voyager Mobile App

  • Easy driver access to locations, pricing and routing information
  • Minimize fuel cost by directing drivers to locations with pre-negotiated discounts
  • Optimize routing and safety with trip planning, route maps and turn-by-turn audio directions

Implement a combined fuel-maintenance solution

Integrate maintenance expenses with fuel purchases with the Voyager Maintenance Solution for a holistic view across your fleet programs. Easily manage routine fleet maintenance and emergency repairs with built-in controls and access to granular details for all work performed.

Deliver innovative, cardless payments:

  • Enhanced data and controls
  • Increased fleet cost savings and efficiencies
  • Centralized program and billing

Fleet fuel and maintenance solutions

Access leading brands and merchants

Enjoy nationwide acceptance at more than 320,000 locations. Trust the reliability of a network we own and operate.

  • Collect complete, accurate data from every merchant
  • Track your own pre-purchased fuel and access a growing number of private fueling sites
  • Voyager covers 97% of all accepting locations in the U.S.

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