U.S. Bank launches eco-friendly debit cards

February 22, 2021

The debit cards made with ROBP offer customers new way to show their love of the ocean and help the environment.

Sea turtles can live more than a hundred years in the ocean – and so can plastic waste. 

Being good stewards of the environment is integral to the success of U.S. Bank and to our collective future. To give customers the opportunity to make a difference, U.S. Bank is launching two new debit cards made with plastic that would have otherwise gone out to sea. 

The eco-friendly cards feature contactless payment technology and can be added to mobile wallets such as Apple or Google Pay. They are offered in two design options: Diving Turtle and Serene Beach. Customers can learn more about the card designs by going to

“Environmental causes are increasingly important to our customers and they are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly in their everyday lives,” said Steve Mattics executive vice president of Retail Payment Solutions at U.S. Bank. “Debit cards are something many customers use every day. More than just inspiring images, these cards help address consumer demand for more eco-friendly payment options.”

U.S. Bank recently made the CDP “A List” for climate action leadership and continuously strives to be a responsible steward of the environment by better understanding the impact of operations on global climate change and working to reduce it.

To learn about the ways U.S. Bank is committed to environmental sustainability visit

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