SinglePoint Portal: Treasury Management Solution

Your portal for online cash management

Staying in sync with bank account management has never been simpler with U.S. Bank SinglePoint®. SinglePoint's software brings treasury management tools and integrated treasury services to you from any device in any location.

Keep focused on what matters most with a customizable treasury management dashboard that ensures relevant information is always available and actionable in real time.

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We meet you right where you are, wherever you are on your digital transformation. Using client feedback, we are creating a simple, clear and thoughtful tool that meets powerful, secure and relevant data – giving you the ultimate business enabler to manage cash online.

With award-winning onboarding, new data visualizations and constant innovation, the new SinglePoint will allow you to spend less time working in your treasury management platform and more time working on your business. Expanded access to our experience is ongoing through 2022.

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Visit the SinglePoint demo to see how you can customize your dashboard and control what matters most to you. Review modules and see how you could make your processes more efficient.

Transfer and manage money in a single treasury management solution.

The SinglePoint portal is designed to help you handle daily and time critical activities spanning all tasks in treasury management, including payables, receivables, liquidity management, fraud mitigation, international banking and foreign exchange.

With a consistent look, feel and functionality, our SinglePoint portal helps you move easily between payment types, initiating repetitive and one-time outgoing payments or transfers.

ACH origination services

Choose from 14 different SEC codes for ACH transactions, including tax payments, payroll, cash concentration, invoice payment, child support payments and Healthcare EFTs.

Domestic and international wire transfers

Immediate wire transfer settlement for domestic and international wires and international requests for transfers.

Account transfers

Move money quickly between U.S. Bank accounts and loans online in real time, managing your financial position more easily.

Real-time payments

Send and receive instant payments through the 24/7 RTP® network, and view payment details.

Check payables

Manage your check printing process online for an efficient and secure solution for outsourced check disbursements.

Liquidity and investments

Manage your trading and reporting for your daily liquid and term investments.

Monitor business account activity for greater insights into your online cash flow.

As your single point of access to data, SinglePoint helps you be more efficient.

  • Open and manage accounts online with a real-time view of activity.
  • Customize, save, share and schedule reports so you can act on key financial data from a single page.
  • Export bank information to help with cash forecasting.
  • Reconcile your General Ledger quicker with an automated comparison.
  • Use robust transaction search capabilities to support research and reconciliation processes.

Address fraud with the power and control of SinglePoint.

Your business is better protected when you use powerful tools that minimize risk and enhance fraud prevention. With SinglePoint, you can automate security and enhance your fraud detection capabilities with optional additional services.

Protect your accounts.

Whether you are managing your account, making payments with checks and ACH or leveraging new payment networks like RTP® and Zelle®, we have the right tools. We can help you manage and protect your accounts with positive pay and additional fraud prevention services.

System administration.

Manage approvals, set payment limits and whitelist computer IP addresses of authorized users to identify potential fraud coming from outside of your company. And, we offer IBM SecurityTM Trusteer® Rapport to all SinglePoint users as an additional layer of protection.

Configure access.

Enforce controls across your organization with extensive user setup options to optimize your internal processes, increase security and manage risk.

Access SinglePoint from your mobile device.

Maximize your integrated suite of treasury management services when you’re away from the office.

  • Leverage modern authentication methods for quick, secure and convenient login.
  • Conveniently take action throughout the day while on the go.
  • Available via browsers or app based solutions.

Act globally with online treasury management tools for international banking and trade.

Take your payments cross-border with simplified account management tools built with your international needs in mind.

  • View your global positions with quick access to foreign bank balances and reports. 
  • Manage your global payments with international wire transfers and international ACH.
  • Manage foreign exchange trading activity and reports.
  • Streamline your global trade activity with enhanced transparency and trade monitoring.

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