5 ways to keep your business fit

A simple wellness plan can keep your team energized, engaged and satisfied.

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Published: November 14, 2018

Wellness initiatives can help businesses of any size encourage their employees to be more healthy, engaged, and loyal. These high-impact programs offer many benefits for your employees and your business as well. Learn five inexpensive and relatively easy ways to get your team on track with wellness.

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Wellness initiatives in numbers

Nearly 40% of U.S. workers have access to employee-sponsored wellness programs.

38% of smaller firms offer health risk assessments for employees. These surveys can help companies build targeted wellness programs.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kaiser Family Foundation


How businesses benefit

While wellness programs may be more common for larger companies, there are some pros that could make them worthwhile for smaller businesses, too. In a recent survey of employers:

  • 85% of companies report wellness programs enhance employee engagement and loyalty.
  • 78% say wellness programs improve performance and productivity.
  •  77% believe wellness programs mitigate healthcare costs.

Source: PWC

5 programs to consider

Here are five high-impact ways to provide wellness options to your employees.

1. Facilitate movement

Consider investing in movable desks that allow employees to work while standing, or encourage workers to take five-minute breaks to move around or stretch.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Sitting at a desk for eight hours (or more) per day contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and associated health risks.

2. Encourage wellness challenges

Office competitions can be an affordable engaging way to bring wellness into your workplace. Some popular programs include:

  • Daily 30 challenge: Complete 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • New exercise challenge: Incorporate a new activity  into your routine.
  • Healthy lunch challenge: Eat a nutritious lunch each day for a month.
  • Stair challenge: Take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators when possible.
  • H20 challenge: Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

64 percent of business owners offer wellness competitions.

Source: WellSteps, PWC

3. Redefine the power lunch

Thirty minutes of daily activity can improve health and reduce stress. If there’s enough employee interest, you could organize midday fitness sessions. Bring in a personal trainer, yoga instructor, or start a walking group.

It takes 150 minutes of physical activity per week to gain the health benefits of exercise.

Source: Department of Health and Human Services

4. Offer gym discounts

Reach out to local gyms, YMCAs or park districts to see if they offer group membership discounts.

Nearly 75% of companies offer fitness discounts to their workers

Source: PWC

5. Initiate healthy social outings

Instead of happy hours, organize an intramural sports team to boost morale and promote company bonding.

Adult participation in sports is increasing; it jumped 4.5% between 2003 and 2015. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017

Starting up a wellness program for your employees can be an affordable way to boost employees’ health and productivity.

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