Virtual credit cards

Automate payments and simplify reconciliation

U.S. Bank Virtual Pay is a virtual credit card solution that replaces checks and paper-based processes to enhance working capital, improve reconciliation and create rebate revenue share opportunity.

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Optimize your payment process

Enhance working capital

Precisely-timed and data-rich virtual card payments improve working capital by reducing costs and extending days payable outstanding.

Simplify reconciliation

Virtual card payments simplify reconciliation by eliminating costly and time-consuming manual payments.

Reduce costs

Virtual card payments save money by replacing paper-based payments and automating manual processes.

Comprehensive supplier enrollment

Our expert suppler enablement team maximizes virtual card program value.

Protect your payments

Virtual Pay provides a high degree of control and security. Account numbers are coded for a specific supplier, an exact amount and a defined time.

Real-time payments

A simple, seamless interface connects to your internal systems through an application programming interface (API). Pay suppliers in real time, 24/7 without additional software, hardware or time-intensive staff training.

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Create additional revenue

Switching from checks to virtual payments can enhance cash flow and create additional revenue through program rebates.

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Maximize supplier enrollment

Strong supplier participation is critical to maximizing the value of your payables program. We offer the most comprehensive suite of supplier enablement services to help accelerate adoption of virtual card payments. Our dedicated supplier enablement team will work with you to develop effective campaign strategies and assist with supplier education and outreach.

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Improve visibility and control

Virtual card payments provide detailed, timely data that improves expense tracking and forecasting, strengthens supplier negotiations and supports audit and regulatory compliance reporting.

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