Manage disbursements with full data and transparency.

Your business goals aligned to our electronic payment solutions can help you keep pace with changing technology, digitize when it makes sense and make the most of your accounts payable processes.

  • Improve and enhance your accounts payable operations.
  • Meet the needs of your payment recipients and deliver a phenomenal payee experience.
  • Maintain or enhance internal efficiencies with payment automation and optimization.
  • Maximize working capital and realize incentive opportunities.

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Pay how they want to get paid.

From local to global, control when, where and how you make payments. Give your payment recipients options that can enable you to send more electronic payments, allowing your payees to receive payments faster, improving their cash application and posting process.

Improve payment precision.

Prioritize posting times, availability and automation to increase payment accuracy and reliability. With full data and transparency, you can improve and enhance your accounts payable operations.

Take advantage of incentive offers.

Sometimes a 2% discount for paying your vendor early can be the difference between profit and loss. Over time small incentives can add up. Let us help you pay in a way that can help your organization save and make money.

Streamline the payment origination process.

Integrate with your accounts payables system, and reduce resources dedicated to payment origination processes with consolidated payables.

Allow one payment process for all payment types.

You transmit one data file with all payment information from your custom mix of payables: ACH, wire, check, virtual card, Zelle® and RTP®. We facilitate electronic transmission of payments, including payment-related remittance information, to your trading partners and/or financial institutions.

Market trends impacting payments

  • Maximize ERP investment
  • Increase of global operations
  • End-to-end automation
  • Limited IT resources
  • Expedited settlement

Increase electronic payments to vendors.

Moving to electronic payments can help you control payment timing, reduce the cost per payment and even lower fraud rates. Supplier Prefer Pay helps you enroll suppliers with one efficient solution.

  • Outsource electronic payment migration activities.
  • Reduce enrollment cycle time.
  • Monitor the progress of an enrollment campaign.
  • Store suppliers' banking information securely.
  • Streamline payment processing ln conjunction with Consolidated Payables.
  • View the dashboard for all suppliers' statuses.

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