2021 Healthcare Payments Insight Report

Turn payment solutions into people solutions.

When you take a closer look at patient payment behaviors, you get a bigger picture of their distinct situations and how you can prepare internally to best serve their payment needs. Look beyond the paper to see the people by delving into our 2021 Healthcare Payments Insight Report. This report found:

  • 56% of patients are comfortable resolving payment questions via live text / video chat.
  • 59% of consumers are very to extremely likely to choose recurring bill payments.
  • 35% of consumers indicate security is the reason they’d like their healthcare provider to improve their digital payment options.
  • And more payment insights for patients and providers.

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Knowing the people behind the healthcare payments enables you to identify better solutions. Download the 2021 Healthcare Insights Payment Report today to turn payment solutions into people solutions.

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From the report


The biggest changes to the patient experience center around new care delivery methods and in-person safety protocols like social distancing and wearing masks. A little over half say COVID has affected how they pay providers, with more using digital channels to pay for care than ever.