Workforce demographics

At U.S. Bank, we draw strength from diversity. Our employees’ varied backgrounds and life experiences, willingness to collaborate and bring their full selves to work – that openness is what keeps us competitive, and makes U.S. Bank a great place to work.

So what’s the breakdown? The table below shares some demographic information about our employees. To a large degree, our company’s employee base is a reflection of the demographics of its main business markets – mostly, the Midwest and Central areas of the United States. We know there’s room for improvement when it comes to the diversity of our workforce, especially our leadership team, and by providing this data publically on an annual basis, we hold ourselves accountable to shifting these percentages over time.

U.S. Bancorp Workforce Demographics (U.S.)

As of 6-30-21. “Others” is a combination of the sales and admin support EEO-1 job categories.