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Should I Be a Co-Owner of My Student’s Checking Account?

There are two paths you can take when opening an account for your student: He or she can manage the account alone, or you can be a co-owner of the account. (If your child is under 18, he or she will need a parent to be a co-owner on the account.)

If your student is the sole owner of the account

  • Opening an account independently can help your student develop responsible money management skills.
  • You can set the stage for this by providing practical guidance about money and banking basics, including how to make deposits and transfers, and how to avoid overdrafts and non-network ATM fees.

If you’re a co-owner of the account

  • Your student will manage the account day-to-day, but you’ll have access to it via U.S. Bank Online and Mobile Banking or by calling our 24-Hour Customer Service.
  • You can deposit or transfer money directly into the account from another U.S. Bank account.
  • You can choose to receive messages like low-balance alerts via text or email to stay informed of the account status.
  • One downside: If your student’s account is overdrawn, you’re also liable for that money. Moreover, if the overdraft isn’t corrected within a certain timeframe, the bank could close the account, and this information would be reported to other banks. 

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