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U.S. Bank Visa® Money Transfer

U.S. Bank Visa® Money Transfer Service

Send Money the Smart, Safe and Convenient Way

The innovative U.S. Bank Visa® Money Transfer service provides an easy, secure way to send and receive money using your U.S. Bank Visa Check Card to other eligible Visa cards issued in the United States. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can quickly transfer money between friends, family and colleagues — right from your computer or Web-enabled mobile device.

Use this convenient, secure service to:

  • pay a colleague back for picking up the lunch tab.
  • give a birthday gift to a friend or relative.
  • send money to help support a family member.

Already registered? Log in to send a money transfer or for more information see FAQs.

Ready to register? You can do it in three easy steps:

  1. Call 866-578-8007 or log in to U.S. Bank Online Banking and select your U.S. Bank Visa Check Card to request a Service Activation Code. This code is needed to register on the U.S. Bank Visa Money Transfer site.
  2. Then visit, and please review the program Terms and Conditions before signing up. Proceed with enrollment by providing your billing address, Service Activation Code and the account information associated with your U.S. Bank Visa Check Card.
  3. Once signed up, please complete the email validation process by entering the email confirmation code (which is emailed to you immediately after enrolling) at the top of the home page. This will allow others to send you transfers using your enrolled email address. To link your mobile phone number and for other preference settings, please see the "My Profile" tab.1

Now you're ready to send and receive money securely…here's how:

  1. Visit using your computer or mobile device.
  2. To send money either enter the enrolled recipient's e-mail address or if they are not enrolled enter their eligible 16 digit Visa card number, the amount to transfer and confirm. To be eligible to receive a money transfer, your recipient's bank must be participating in the Visa Money Transfer program.

That's it! The funds will be transferred, and your recipient will receive an email or text notification of the transfer. A fee of $1.95 will apply for sending a U.S. Bank Visa Money Transfer.

  1. Access to your mobile phone or email account is necessary to confirm account linkage.

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