The power of play at work

U.S. Bank believes in the power of play. So much so, it’s a core tenet of the bank’s Community Possible corporate giving and engagement platform. Play brings joy, stimulates creativity and innovation and builds relationships. Play is critical to learning, development and good health.

Through Community Possible, U.S. Bank has created the Future Leaders program, which recognizes three deserving young adults from the state of Minnesota who demonstrate the cognitive, social and emotional benefits of active play in their communities.

Dominique, Contessa and Chris were given opportunities to grow personally and professionally through the U.S. Bank Future Leaders program. Just when they thought it couldn’t get any bigger, it did. Learn about their once-in-a-lifetime experience in Minneapolis.


Dominique Jones

“Play lets you explore different aspects in life.”

Dominique empowers others through the creative art of play. After enduring bullying as a teen, Dominique found his calling—the performing arts. He now writes, performs, and teaches the arts to a variety of age groups, including at the Boys and Girls Club.


Contessa Boorman

“Play is what keeps us moving. It’s what keeps us young.”

As a teenager, family setbacks led Contessa to work three jobs to contribute to her family’s finances. In college at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, Contessa started the President’s Emerging Scholars Student Board, a group dedicated to creating opportunities for students who have overcome barriers to educational achievement.


Chris Casey

“Play allows people to let loose and forget about the other tasks and challenges they face.”

Motivated by a grandfather who taught him the importance of grit, determination and following his dreams, Chris works with adults with disabilities and at-risk youth in various activity-based initiatives to make sure that everyone gets to experience the joy of “play” in their lives.


More about the U.S. Bank Community Possible program

Community Possible is the corporate giving and engagement platform at U.S. Bank, focused on the areas of work, home and play. The company invests in programs that provide stable employment, a safe place to call home and a community connected through culture, arts, recreation and play. In the past three years, philanthropic support through the U.S. Bank Foundation and corporate giving program reached more than $150 million.

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