Help keep your customers and employees safe with touch-free payments.

Shifting consumer behaviors are changing how people choose to engage with businesses. Cash, due to its perceived cleanliness risk, is being used less frequently and instead people are opting for digital based payments to prevent touching of shared surfaces. A touch-free payment ensures the cardholder remains in control of their payment method throughout the transaction, eliminating the need to touch a screen or device that is not their own.

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Enable a payment experience that minimizes or eliminates touch points.

 Contactless card with tap n’ go

 Online with order ahead or pre-payment

 Smartphone using mobile wallet, in-app or mobile order

Better for your customers. Better for you.

Learn about the benefits of reducing touch points at the point of sale.

Empower safer payments

Give your customers and staff peace of mind with modern payment solutions that reduce transaction touchpoints, help decrease the spread of germs and deliver value-added benefits.

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Seven considerations

From technical requirements to educating customers and staff, keep seven considerations in mind when you enable and optimize touchless payments for your business.

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Safeguard customers and staff

Hear from Susan Rue, a technical solutions consultant, about how health concerns are shifting consumer behaviors and accelerating the adoption of payment methods that reduce touch points.

Our payment consultants can help.

Cardholders are quickly getting on board with digital payments so make sure you’re ready to accept all forms of payment.

Working with our payment consultants, we can help your business meet cardholder demand and give your customers the choice to safely pay their way. Contactless cards and mobile wallets can provide stronger transaction security through tokenization technology, helping mitigate risks of potential data breaches and the resulting reputational and financial losses that may result.

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