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Businesses and government agencies unknowingly incur additional costs due to elevated transaction fees everyday, but it doesn't have to be this way. U.S. Bank Payment Optimization solutions help reduce these acceptance fees without additional set up costs. Read why now is the time for Payment Optimization:

  • 46% of CFOs struggle to balance cost cutting and future investment1
  • 35% of CFOs lack awareness of new technology within finance function1
  • 32% increase in Q4 2020 U.S. eCommerce sales compared to the same period of 20192

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Reduce transaction fees with personalized solutions.

Simple solutions don't just reduce complexity, they also help businesses and government agencies address and reduce costly payment transaction fees.

Our Payment Optimization solutions pairs transparent communication with personalized solutions to save your organization money and provide clarity to an often complicated processes. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Find out how unexpected cost savings may be hidden in your payments strategy.

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“Our team and our investments in payment optimization enable us to help customers implement best practices when it comes to card brand requirements so they can increase margins and keep more money.”

– James Gavin, Senior Vice President
   Payment optimization and consulting for U.S. Bank Payment Solutions