Optimize payments during a time of unpredictable change.

As you adjust your operations to meet new customer demands, payment optimization can play an important role in managing risk and expenses. We can help you identify ways to:

  • Mitigate fraud.
  • Improve chargeback management.
  • Reduce costs to accept payments.

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How does payment optimization contribute to reducing costs?

Credit card interchange rates are extensive and complicated. Learn three steps to optimize your card acceptance.

How can debit optimization reduce costs and decrease fraud?

The use of debit cards in the U.S. continues to grow. Learn how requiring PIN validation can help.

How can you accept card payments without transaction fees?

Surcharging is one of the ways businesses can optimize the cost of accepting payments.

Case studies and solutions

Learn how we’ve enabled clients to achieve cost savings through payments optimization.

Ivy league university

Reduce payment acceptance costs

Truck rental company

Transform payment operations

Service fees for the public sector

Offset payment acceptance costs

Commercial card optimization

Reduce costs and mitigate risk

Webinars and videos on-demand

Learn how we can help your organization operate more efficiently without incurring additional costs.

Reducing costs during economic uncertainty

Many businesses are leaving money on the table when it comes to card transactions and don’t even realize it.

Lowering the cost of accepting payments

Government agencies and educational institutions are challenged with tight budgets and many demands.

Reducing the total cost of processing

Through commercial card optimization, fee programs and debit optimization you can lower costs to your business.

Our payment consultants can help.

Working with our payment consultants, we can help your organization better control payment acceptance risks and expenses. We’ll work with you to address your concerns through payment optimization without additional cost or impacting your business operations.

Solutions we can explore with you:

  • Implementing PIN authentication
  • Utilizing fee acceptance programs to offset costs
  • Optimizing commercial cards to reduce interchange costs

Contact your U.S. Bank relationship manager or banker today to get started.