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Fraud Control for Issued Checks

Fraud Control for Issued Checks

Reduce check fraud with Positive Pay and Check Filter Service.

In addition to lost or stolen checks, business check fraud can include such things as altered payee names and counterfeit checks (including paychecks). U.S. Bank offers a variety check-fraud prevention tools, including SinglePoint® Essentials Positive Pay and our Check Filter service.

ACH Filter and Block service prevents unauthorized electronic debits from posting to your account.

Control electronic account debits by company, origination debt type, or block all electronic debits, with ACH filter and block

Protect your business by verifying checks with Positive Pay.

Positive Pay is an optional check-verification service designed to help your business minimize check fraud. When you sign up for Positive Pay, you keep U.S. Bank informed of the checks your business has written from your business checking or money market accounts, enabling us to know which checks to pay and which may be fraudulent.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every time your business writes a check, regardless of amount, you give us specific information about that check, including the account number, check number, amount and issue date. This communication is handled electronically via SinglePoint® Essentials Issue Maintenance.
  2. When that check is presented to U.S. Bank, we compare it to the information your business provided. If it matches the check from the customer, we pay the check.
  3. If a check doesn’t match the information provided, we notify you so you can decide whether or not to pay it. Any item in this scenario is called an “exception.”

Receive a daily report of checks that don’t match your records.

Positive Pay provides a daily list of exceptions with mismatches between presented and issued checks. This includes exceptions for multiple accounts and ACH-converted items. You can also view images of exceptions and make pay or return decisions online. All accounts are initially set up with a Pay All default. You can change that setting to Return All via SinglePoint Essentials Positive Pay.

Check Filter service prevents unusually large checks from being paid.

The U.S. Bank Check Filter service is another check-fraud prevention tool. It allows your business to prevent check transactions over a dollar amount you specify or block all checks from posting to an account.

Benefits at a glance

  • Strong, flexible protection — Your business determines the maximum allowable dollar amount for check transactions for each account. The Check Filter service prevents the posting of checks on in-clearings, at U.S. Bank branches and on items that have been converted to ACH e-checking transactions for ARC, POP or RCK.
  • Easy to set up and use — Only a simple back-office setup is required. Once the Check Filter is established on an account, no further action is required on your part.

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