Sending Money

with U.S. Bank Online and Mobile

U.S. Bank Send Money is the fast, safe, free way to send money to anyone with a bank account in the United States.

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Four easy steps:


You set up a payment via Send Money in U.S. Bank Online or Mobile, using your recipient's email, mobile number or account information.


Your recipient receives an email or text message letting him or her know the payment has been sent.


Your recipient completes a one-time registration with our third-party partner and accepts the payment.71d9wt 


Money is deposited in the recipient's account. You choose how fast – Instantai4ebgf, Next-Day or Standard Delivery

71d9wt Send Money registration – Only required when you use an email address or mobile number. When you supply the account information, money is automatically deposited in the recipient's account with no action on their part.
ai4ebgf To be eligible to send an Instant Payment, you must have maintained a U.S. Bank account for at least one year. In order to receive an Instant Payment, the recipient’s email address and/or mobile phone number must first be registered with a bank in our network that supports real-time payments. Other delivery speeds are available. Additional eligibility requirements may apply.


Safe and secure

Unlike other payment services, U.S. Bank Send Money transactions are sent securely from your account, directly to your recipient. Activity is easy to track in U.S. Bank Online or Mobile – and your private information stays private. That's our Online Risk-Free Guarantee.

With U.S. Bank Online and Mobile, you can:

Pay the rent.

U.S. Bank Send Money is a great alternative to checks or cash when it comes to living expenses. Whether you're paying your landlord or reimbursing a roommate for your share, sending money right from your account is a snap. You can even set up a monthly recurring payment to make it automatic.

Save the day.

Your daughter calls in a panic. Lab supplies for the semester cost more than she anticipated and now she's looking at an empty bank account and an empty refrigerator. With U.S. Bank Send Money's Instant Delivery option, the money's in her account in time for lunch.

Pool your resources.

Mom’s birthday is almost here, and once again you take the initiative and buy a group gift. Your siblings live hours away – but getting them to pay up is no problem. The Request Money feature in U.S. Bank Send Money makes it easy to request money and track responses from up to five people at once – no awkward conversations required.

Send money overseas.

It doesn't matter how far – you can send money to almost anyone, anywhere in the U.S. or around the world, with Western Union Money Transfer service. Your recipient can pick up cash at any of thousands of U.S. Bank or Western Union Agent® locations worldwide, or have the money deposited to a U.S. Bank account.

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