Account Alerts

Stay informed and in control.

Want to know when your balance is low or a payment is due? You can choose the Account Alerts you want and receive them by email, text, or both.

Customize your Account Alerts around what matters to you

Account Alerts inform you about transfers, payments and other transactions. They can tell you when a payment is due or an account balance reaches a certain level. You can also get alerts for credit cards and ATM/debit cards.

Simply log in to Online Banking, click on Customer Service, and select My Alerts to get started.

Checking and Savings Alerts

You can set up your checking and savings accounts to send you Account Alerts via email or text to your mobile phone for the criteria you choose.

  • Negative balances
  • Balances that fall below a dollar amount determined by you
  • Deposits or withdrawals that exceed a dollar amount determined by you
  • Overdrafts and Overdraft Protection transfers (checking only)
  • Availability of new statements and other online documents

ATM and Debit Card Alerts

Turn on Account Alerts for your U.S. Bank Visa® Debit Card to alert you of transactions with fraud risk, large transactions, and other criteria you choose.

  • ATM cash withdrawals
  • Transactions that exceed a dollar amount determined by you
  • International transactions
  • Gas station purchases
  • Purchases made without a card present
  • Declined transactions

Credit Card Account Alerts

Set up payment reminders, high balance notices, suspicious transaction Account Alerts, and more for your U.S. Bank credit card accounts.

  • Balances and transactions that exceed a dollar amount determined by you
  • Available credit that falls below a dollar amount determined by you
  • Payments and credits posted to your account
  • Payments due or overdue
  • AutoPay payments scheduled or processed
  • Transactions with higher fraud risk, such as ATM cash withdrawals, international transactions, gas station purchases, and purchases made without a card present
  • Declined transactions

We’ll always send Security Alerts for these critical changes.

Security Alerts are NOT optional. We'll always send you automatic Online Banking alerts when we receive instructions for important changes to your account, including:

  • Address, email or phone number changes
  • Changes to your Personal ID, Password, PINs, and other verification credentials
  • ATM/Debit Card changes (reports of lost/stolen cards, new card requests, card reissue notices, PIN changes, PIN sent by mail)
  • Reactivation of dormant checking and savings accounts

We’ll also let you know if your Personal ID and Password are ever suspended due to multiple incorrect login attempts.

More Ways Online Banking Can Help You

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View bank statements and check images online with Online Statements from U.S. Bank. Paperless statements also help prevent identity theft and fraud.

Online Security

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Online Banking

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