U.S. Bank invests in cybersecurity scholarship programs

October 19, 2017 | GET MORE : Future of Banking

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Chief information security officer Jason Witty writes about the bank's new partnership with four schools.

The world needs more James Lingrossos. More Chinedu Asinugos. And Justin Widanskis. 

James, Chinedu and Justin (pictured above, left to right) are computer science and information security students and members of the cyber defense team at Northern Kentucky University, and 2017 recipients of U.S. Bank Cybersecurity Scholarships. 

The cybersecurity industry is changing – fast. Even to those of us whose responsibility it is to protect business and personal online security, the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks can be astounding.

We launched the U.S. Bank Cybersecurity Scholarship program to help stay a step ahead. It is an investment to empower the next generation of smart young leaders who are focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced threat detection, public-private information sharing and biometrics.

In addition to Northern Kentucky University, this year we also partnered with University of Missouri-St. Louis, awarding students David Autry, Alan Alyas and Vii Bishop, who are training in the school's national Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education; University of Washington Information School, awarding students Ryan Keller and Yu Peter Wang; and Whatcom Community College, awarding students Morgan Guthrie and Ian Ferrer, who are enrolled in the school's computer information systems and cybersecurity programs.

Cybersecurity is at the heart of keeping our customers, employees and communities protected from attacks. In order to maintain that safety, we need smart, well-trained experts to lead the way. We are proud of the students we have already honored and excited to support many more in the coming years.  

These are the talented leaders we need to protect us into the next decade – and the one after that. 

Jason Witty is the chief information security officer for U.S. Bank. Listen to Jason break down the future of cybersecurity with industry veteran Dr. Larry Ponemon in the latest episode of the Power of Possible podcast by U.S. Bank, available for download on iTunes, Google Play and PlayerFM.