U.S. Bank donation helps Asian Pacific Fund respond to pressing community needs amid COVID-19

August 07, 2020 | GET MORE : Social Responsibility

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The company has expedited and transformed giving initiatives in response to the pandemic 

Located in San Francisco, California, the Asian Pacific Fund (APF) serves as the main distributor of donations for over 80 partner agencies serving the low- and moderate-income Asian and Pacific Islander community.

U.S. Bank has provided APF with a $20,000 donation toward its COVID-19 Response Fund. The Fund has raised over $500,000 and will distribute 100% of those funds to partner agencies serving the most vulnerable. To help further reach those in need, U.S. Bank has also offered virtual financial education support to APF partner agencies.

APF Executive Director Audrey Yamamoto said that food insecurity was the greatest need in the community in the first round of COVID-19 Response Fund grants – and, nearly three months later, that remains the case.

Yamamoto described the donation as “incredibly timely” in terms of helping APF “gain momentum to address the greatest needs,” including food insecurity and recovery efforts for individuals and small businesses in the Bay Area.

Although COVID-19 has disrupted activities for virtually all Americans, Yamamoto said that the Asian American community is facing an added layer of issues including racism, harassment, and increasing mental health challenges. To address these issues, APF will be hosting a series of community engagement speakers this summer.

With the support of U.S. Bank and many other partners, APF will now be able to extend its helping hand to more nonprofits who serve the community with much needed support.

Visit usbank.com/community to learn more about U.S. Bank and its social responsibility work.