Shareholders meeting nods to past, present and future in Columbus

April 19, 2019 | GET MORE : Company History

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U.S. Bank employs 500 people in the city and is investing millions in the community. 

Columbus, Ohio, played host to the 2019 U.S. Bancorp Annual Shareholders Meeting earlier this week. 

At the event, U.S. Bancorp Chairman, President and CEO Andy Cecere gave the audience a glimpse into key initiatives, answered questions from shareholders and celebrated the company’s presence in Columbus – where it employs 500 people, holds around $1.5 billion in deposits and is among the largest SBA lenders locally.

Regional President Steve Bennett is bullish on building upon that foundation in Columbus. He pointed to how the region has been adding tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of new companies over the past decade. In his role as a commercial banker serving mid-size companies, he has been able to provide financing for and contribute to the growth.

“There are so many great things going on here in Columbus,” said Bennett (pictured above on left). “And the Annual Shareholders Meeting has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase both our city and company over this past week.”

As part of the meeting, Cecere highlighted how U.S. Bank is giving back to the local community. Over the past three years, for example, the company has committed more than $50 million in community development loans and investments, and its employees have spent more than 6,000 hours volunteering (all employees receive up to 16 hours of paid time off annually to do so). 

Last year, these community investments came to life with the ribbon cutting (pictured above) of a new rocket science-themed exhibit at the renowned COSI Science Center.

U.S. Bank has a long history in and commitment to Ohio, with its charter having been signed in the state by the Lincoln Administration amid the Civil War in 1863. Hosting the Annual Shareholders Meeting in Columbus is a nod to that past, as well as a sign of future growth potential in the market – where the company’s employee base has grown around 20 percent over the past decade. 

Before and after the event, Cecere greeted those employees and thanked some of the longest-tenured in the region. 

Among them, Snez Jovanovski (pictured above with Cecere), a teller coordinator who has been working at U.S. Bank for 38 years. As she reflected on the past at the meeting, she also expressed optimism for the future. 

“I’ve seen 38 years of change,” she said. “And today, I think we have a great group of leaders and that we’re changing with how technology works and how people want to [bank].”

And for Jovanovski, one more change may be on the not-too-distant horizon. 

“I want to retire as a U.S. Bank employee,” she smiled, adding, “and I’m getting close.”

Written by Pat Swanson of U.S. Bank.