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December 26, 2018 | GET MORE : Ethical Leadership

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U.S. Bank Chief Ethics Officer Katie Lawler sat down with Harvard Business School Professor Eugene Soltes.

In its #BigIdeas2019 list, LinkedIn predicted that Chief Ethics Officer will be a growing C-suite title for 2019, writing that “companies are waking up … and making ethics a core function.”

U.S. Bank’s Katie Lawler (pictured above), who has served as Chief Ethics Officer at the company since 2017, weighed in, saying, “Now more than ever, organizations are recognizing that ethics considerations exist in everything they do. From how they treat their employees and customers to how they impact the environment to where they chose to do business, companies are grappling with ethical issues every day. Organizations also increasingly understand that good ethics is good business.”

To expand on this concept of the business of ethics, Lawler recently visited Harvard Business School to sit down with professor and author Eugene Soltes. The pair discussed Soltes’ book on white-collar crime – Why They Do It: Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal,” teaching ethics in business management courses and more.

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