Bay Area employees create proofs of concept for the future of banking

March 05, 2019 | GET MORE : Future of Banking

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Learn what's it like to work in the Consumer Technology & Digital Experience team at U.S. Bank.

“People in the Bay Area have a lot of different choices to work at a lot of different companies,” says Deepak Nair, head of digital experience and marketing technology at U.S. Bank. “They choose us because they see the energy [and] the culture we bring.”

Employees at the U.S. Bank office in San Francisco work on the future of banking. In a fast-paced, test-and-learn environment, teams analyze what services will make customers’ lives better, and then develop proofs of concept. By putting the customer at the center of every banking transaction, they find ways to make banking easier – and enjoyable – for U.S. Bank customers. 

“Exceptional customer service means ensuring cutting edge representation in the digital age. As U.S. Bank enhances digital capabilities like mobile deposits and digital lending applications, we need to bring on more developers to support this exhilarating transformation,” says Dilip Venkatachari, digital chief information officer at U.S. Bank. “By helping customers work with us wherever, whenever and however they choose, customer-facing employees are freed up to handle more in-depth, consultative requests.”

At the same time the company is hiring, current employees are offered development opportunities to keep pace with the rate of change in technology and in banking overall. To be successful in today’s environment, it’s important to “be someone who can adapt and is flexible and ready for that change,” says Eric Wood, application manager for U.S. Bank.

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