A $15K surprise on the Rachael Ray Show

February 16, 2017 | GET MORE : Social Responsibility

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U.S. Bank surprised this Utah family with help covering the cost of adopting four babies in just 24 hours.

For a family that goes through 25 diapers a day, every penny counts.

Farmington, Utah high school sweethearts Kaley and Jeremy Carling were determined to start a family. During the journey they persevered through the inability to conceive biologically and the devastation of two adoptions that fell through. In August 2015, they got two phone calls that changed their life. The first was about two foster sisters who needed a home. A couple of hours later, a second call about a woman pregnant with two girls who wanted the Carlings to be their adoptive parents. Just like that, the Carlings had started their family. ("Four girls... and that terrified me," Jeremy jokes.)

"We were hopeful but cautious [after the calls]," said Kaley, recalling their past experiences. "But when we met the girls, it all just felt so right."

The Carlings knew becoming a family of six over the course of several hours would mean financial sacrifice. When the adoptions were finalized in October 2016, the costs left the Carlings saddled with $20,000 in debt. All the while, they also went from two incomes to one so Kaley could raise the girls.

They caught a break a few weeks ago when the Rachael Ray show called and invited the entire family to New York for a feature on the show.

As Kaley and Jeremy told their story and Haven, Indie, Sunny and Weslie admired spotlights and coffee mugs, Rachael presented them with a big surprise: a $15,000 donation from U.S. Bank to cover their outstanding adoption expenses.

"We heard the Carlings' story and just had to help," said Beth McDonnell, chief marketing officer for U.S. Bank. "At U.S. Bank, we believe in the power of possible, and we hope that this little bit of help will lead to big possibilities in life for Kaley, Jeremy and the girls."

"We were blown away," Kaley said of the donation and experience on the Rachael Ray Show. "We really want to be supportive parents. We want our girls to be able to find themselves and to be able to do what they want to do. U.S. Bank’s donation helps us focus on that."

Susan Beatty is a member of U.S. Bank’s corporate communications team.