U.S. Bank and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) want to help you save fuel, money and the environment with the SmartWay Certified vehicles program.

You can get 0.50% off the interest rate on your auto loan when you finance the purchase of your new or used EPA SmartWay Certified vehicle.1 Some lenders offer green vehicle programs only on new or nearly new vehicles. At U.S. Bank, eligible vehicles include all EPA SmartWay Certified autos and light trucks from the current model year through the 6 previous model years.

How to get your 0.50% green vehicle discount

  1. See the EPA's Green Vehicle Guide to find SmartWay Certified vehicles.
  2. Apply for an auto loan online, in a branch or by calling 800.473.6372.
  3. Close your auto loan in a U.S. Bank branch, and receive your rate reduction when you:

Want to see what your payments could look like?

Use our auto loan calculator to get a rate and payment estimate.2

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