Weekly market update - November 18, 2019

Markets and investing spotlight

Growing optimism is pushing global financial markets to record highs, despite declining economic indicators worldwide. Our investment specialists explain why in this week's market update. Read our take

Fed cuts interest rates for a third time
Are concerns over a recession or growing divisions about the outlook for monetary policy warranted? Learn what our investment leaders have to say

Economic news: Q4 2019
Quarterly Outlook
Holding on to portfolio gains with both hands, learn what could be ahead. Read our fourth quarter investment outlook



3 types of debt that may increase returns
Consider leveraged investing as part of your financial strategy.

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Downside risk: Understand and manage it
As the longest bull run in history ages, some investors are seeking strategies that may help protect their gains through managing downside risk.

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How diversification in investing may reduce risk
Why is diversification important in investing?

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Agriculture investments and help for landowners to manage them
Farms are a unique asset class, and U.S. Bank offers specialized expertise for all the nuances of farmland management.

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Diversification and private capital investment: Looking beyond the public markets for returns
Private capital investments may provide the opportunity to outperform public markets, but they require more than just a financial commitment.

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What is a diversified portfolio?
Having tools in your portfolio that “zig” while others “zag” can help minimize the impact of market volatility.

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How to determine risk tolerance
Time horizon and emotional response are key factors in an individual’s risk tolerance.

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How lower-risk bonds can help diversify a portfolio
Looking for a way to diversify your portfolio without increased instability? Consider lower-risk bonds.

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